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Utility Bill Review
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Utility Bill Review


Urac Corp's primary purpose is to review its clients electric, gas and/or steam bills to uncover and retrieve overcharges. Clients provide us with copies of their utility bills which are in turn analyzed for all types of errors. (i.e. wrong rates, metering problems, tax issues, etc..) Urac files billing inquiries with the utility company and continues to fight for a refund through all legal means. Only upon receipt of a refund is any fee due.

Urac has many secondary purposes. All of its clients rely on Urac's knowledge when making decisions regarding energy choices. Which ESCO has the best pricing and customer service? Should I even use an ESCO? What is NYISO's Demand Management Program? Can I submeter a property? Can the utility require a deposit? We are involved with your energy matters as much or as little as you choose.

Three Step Plan

No organization that pays utility bills should be without a utility consultant. In this day and age energy is one of your highest expenses. Urac offers a comprehensive three step plan for dealing with your energy needs.

Step 1

We review all your electric, gas and/or steam accounts for overcharges. Knowing from the start that your billing is correct is a key to making future energy decisions. This initial step will uncover any overcharges, secure refunds, and cause your future billing to be accurate. Making energy decisions based on erroneous current billing just does not make sense.

Step 2

We find and provide any alternatives that will save you money on your future energy costs. Albeit there are for the most part limited alternatives. However there are voluntary rates*, some ESCO pricing**, demand management programs, NYSERDA rebates, NYISO incentives, etc.. which, depending on your circumstances might save you money. The energy market is constantly changing and having a utility consulting firm representing you in these turbulent times is an asset to any business.

Step 3

We consult with you on any other energy related matters and offer our assistance and guidance.

*Many utilities offer voluntary time of day rates. If your usage pattern is such that you will use more energy during off peak periods than these rates might be more beneficial. The key is that you have to make an educated decision since your current meter does not register on and off peak usage. You then have to monitor the account annually to make sure you are saving money. This is voluntary and the utility is not required to provide any savings analysis or advise you if it would be better. Click here to see an example of Urac's annual report for Con Ed territory.

**Urac is in no way affiliated with any ESCO. See "ESCO's" page for our opinion regarding this alternative.

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